picture14Shiloh Hills Christian School is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students. A limited number of these students are accepted on a semester or yearly basis. For more information contact the school office.

Our goal is to provide an education best suited to the needs of our international students. To meet this goal, the following areas must be addressed:

  • Attendance
  • Discipline/Behavior
  • Help Class
  • Computer/Internet Usage
  • Involvement in School Activities

**All international students and their host families should read the Shiloh Hills Parent/Student Handbook to become familiar with all of the school policies and regulations.


The school year begins in August and ends the following year in May. Attendance is required for all of the compulsory days, including finals week. No student should plan to leave school before review week and finals. A 10 point reduction in exam grades will be given if students leave school early at the end of each semester except in cases approved by administration.  Prior arrangements must be made for extended travel during the school year. Work should be collected from teachers so the student does not fall behind in a class.

The school day begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 3:00 PM. The cafeteria is open at 7:15 AM for students who arrive early to school. The high school and middle school halls and classrooms will be open until 3:30 PM. No student will be allowed in the building after 3:30 PM unless in a supervised after school activity such as athletic events, scheduled tutoring, or class activities with a sponsor. Any student left on campus property after 3:30 PM must be in after care or a signed release form must be signed by the parents and kept on file at the school. The school is not liable for any student not picked up by this time.


All rules and regulations regarding discipline and behavior that pertain to SHCS students also pertain to international students. If there are any questions about rules regarding discipline, please make those concerns known to the homeroom teacher for clarification. Consequences are given for anyone who violates school or classroom rules.

In addition to the regular list of classroom rules, international students will be expected to speak only English during the hours of 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. We want to encourage sufficient knowledge of and ability to use the English language to participate more actively in classes. Use of the student’s native language on a regular basis during the school day inhibits the progress toward speaking English. Inappropriate words or phrases in a native tongue are unacceptable. Appropriate measures will be taken for those who violate this rule. Exceptions will be given if a teacher gives permission for a student to explain something to another in his native language. Translators will be allowed on a per class basis.


See the dress code section for complete dress code guidelines.


All SHCS students must sign an Internet Usage Agreement. Due to the language barrier, faculty and staff cannot determine whether certain sites that are in another language are appropriate. Students will not be allowed to surf the internet using sites in any language other than English.


It is important for our international students to become a part of our school. Being involved helps them to become immersed in their school environment. Each class creates its own identity and forms bonds within its members. Because our international students are now a part of the class they are in, they should be involved in the activities and responsibilities that each class does. Elementary students should expect to attend field trips, class parties, and participate in any other activity that the class will do. The middle school students will also attend field trips, have opportunities to be involved in athletics, and participate in service projects.  The high school students have different opportunities to be involved. Every high school student is expected to participate. The following are some of the activities and responsibilities of each class:

Freshmen/9th Grade: High School Retreat, Service Projects, Fundraiser, Class Parties

Sophomores/10th Grade: High School Retreat, Service Projects, Fundraiser, Class Parties, Coaches versus Players Game, Graduation Reception

Juniors/11th Grade:  High School Retreat,  Service Projects, Fundraiser, Class Parties, Powder Puff Football Game, Val-O-Grams, Junior/Senior Banquet, Graduation Candle Lighting Ceremony

Seniors/12th Grade: High School Retreat, Service Projects, Fundraiser, Class Parties, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Store, Spirit Week Servant Auction and Maze, Superlative Field Trip, Senior Trip, Graduation, Memory Table at Graduation

There are occasions when classes may request that all members bring in an item for a class party or money for a specific class purchase. As members of the class, international students should expect to participate. Some events will require the host family to provide transportation for their student to and from any of the events listed above. The host family should be aware of the list above to assist when it is necessary. All school related expenses, such as the High School Retreat, are the responsibility of the student.

It is the school’s intent to be helpful by providing this section in the Parent/Student Handbook and to prevent any misunderstandings in the future. It is even more important that our international students feel fully supported and well cared for. That can be attained by knowing and understanding the rules and policies of the school. It is hoped that the international students’ association with the school will be a positive and rewarding one.

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