picture9Middle School students learn responsibility through required organization, completing homework, and keeping clean lockers.  They learn how to build relationships with their peers.  Learning to respect each other and develop Christian character traits are valued highly at SHCS.

  • The Bible is integrated through our entire curriculum.
  • High test scores
  • Christian-based Education
  • Prepare students for high school
  • A Bible class is taught for each grade
  • Middle School Electives offered
  • Qualified Staff

Math – Our students have been very successful with the Saxon math curriculum.  We are also able to offer Algebra I  in the 8th grade.

History – Our students are able to get a great foundation of U.S. History, World History, and Georgia History.  Not only do they use the text but they also do several projects to allow them hands-on understanding of the concepts that are taught.

Science - Through the science program the students learn about the world, the earth, and physical science.  Students do many labs and experiments to help them understand and apply the information that is taught.

English – Each of the middle school students receive basic grammar instruction throughout the three years of middle school.  They also work on writing skills as well as reading and understanding literature.  These skills are taught through projects, writing assignments, and book reports.

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